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A modern meniscus treatment method presented in Porto by Rehasport Clinic doctors


PhD Tomasz Piontek, PhD Kinga Ciemniewska-Gorzela oraz PhD Andrzej Pyda – Rehaposrt Clinic orthopedists – took part in the international conference entitled „The Meniscus” in Porto, Portugal.

The international conference in Porto was devoted to meniscus treatment. It was the third time the orthopedics experts had met. During the conference the participants discussed among others menisci treatment procedures currently applied around the world. Doc. Piontek presented a technique and concept of regenerating the meniscus coated with collagen membrane. This idea was warmly welcomed and thought of highly. The purpose was to reach a general compromise with regard to treating menisci – says PhD Andrzej Pyda. – We are proud that we had a chance to show the biggest experts in the world that it is possible to heal the meniscus in the non-vascular area – admitted PhD Tomasz Piontek.

Another positive aspect of the visit in Porto was the fact that Poznań doctors had an opportunity to share experiences – It was a very precious meeting, especially because we had a chance to present our method, developed in Rehasport Clinic and perceived as an innovation. We will surely keep on working on that –remarks PhD Pyda.

All new methods have to get adapted, so does it. – We need time, but the results are very promising. It is an alternative method of removing meniscus, which is a breakthrough. So far it was necessary to cut it and at the same time harm the knee joint. Contrary to appearances, meniscus is one of the most important structures of the knee joint, if they are missing, the joint surface is much more strained, and joint cartilage degrades a way faster. If we manage to regenerate them, we reconstruct their functions and protect the knee against degenerative changes – says PhD Pyda.

On another day of conference „The Meniscus” PhD Tomasz Piontek presented a dissertation devoted to treating the kneed joint cartilages by means of AMIC method – it is own elaboration developed in Rehasport Clinic. This method can be combined with other procedures during one treatment. When treating menisci, we need to take into account all aspects of the knee joint – also those which applied to other structures were presented.