A specialised training course for Rehasport Clinic’s physiotherapist in Israel

telawiwRehasport Clinic’s physiotherapist, Mateusz Kozinoga, M.Sc., participated in a training course on the specific exercises essential to an innovative scoliosis correction surgery with the use of the ApiFix® method.

The workshops were organised under the eye of the authors of the exercise set in Israeli Sociolis Center clinic in Tel Aviv, Israel. Thanks to this course, Mateusz Kozinoga, M.Sc., and prof. OSW dr hab. Dariusz Czaprowski from the Olsztyn University College, are the only people in Poland trained in the sphere of the exercises essential to the ApiFix® method.

In the picture from the left: prof. Dariusz Czaprowski, trainer-physiotherapist Lior Neuhaus Sulam, a patient after the scoliosis surgery with the use of the ApiFix® method, Mateusz Kozinoga, M.Sc., and a physiotherapist, Ossi Eisenberger.