Polityka weekly magazine about Rafała Hejna’s examinations

„If your physical activeness is to be healthy and pleasurable, it must be moderate and well-planned. Especially if you have a winter break” – says Marcin Piątek in “Polityka”. The article was written on the basis of examinations conducted by Rafał Hejna, a Rehasport Clinic physiotherapist.


Rafal Hejna during Achilles tendon during tests (photo by Andrzej Grupa)

In October last year Rafał Hejna organized Achilles tendon examinations for competitors of the Poznań marathon. Supported by a team of Rehasport Clinic physiotherapists, he carried out an examination in which a few hundred persons took part. This served as an important research material allowing him to find out the way of avoiding such injuries. Hejna made a video with nearly a thousand and a half visitors on Youtube. – I assume that most of them look for pieces of advice on how to treat it – says Rehasport Clinic physiotherapist for “Polityka”. Rafał plans to prepare a projection aimed at presenting how to avoid such injuries.


An article on proper preparation for sport activity had appeared in the magazine ‘Polityka’ – No. 11 ( 2899 )

In the article „Męcz się powoli”, Hejna explains how crucial it is to properly prepare for increased effort. You mustn’t just jog in the evening a week before you plan to run in the marathon. Similarly, you cannot run on the flat surface only, and then change the surface into running up a hill, e.g. on tracks. This raises the risk of injuries. When we compare, the average person needs three months to be able to run a few kilometers on a daily basis, but to prepare the entire organism for such cyclical effort may last a year at best – says Rafał Hejna.

What to do to avoid serious injuries? Try Nordic walking which engages nearly all muscles. However, if you feel pain when walking or running, it is advisable to visit a specialist, e.g. a physiotherapist.

Full article “Get tired slowly” in the eleventh issue of “Polityka”.