“Zrozumieć Świat” – with Rafał Hejna

Physiotherapist of Rehasport Clinic, Rafal Hejna, was Victor Osiatyński’s guest in the program “Understanding the World “, on Radio TOK FM.


Prof. Victor Osiatyński (left) was physiotherapist’s Rafal Hejna’s (Photo by Andrew Grupa) patient.

In the 70’s and 80’s,Prof. Viktor Osiatyński had conducted talks with various scholars of different disciplines, which, among others, had been published, in the book “Understanding the World”. After many years he had decided to return to the topic, reason of which  TOK FM had invited Prof. Victor Osiatyński and Rehasport Clinic physiotherapist, Rafal Hejna.

Why Rafal Hejna? Prof. Viktor Osiatyński had been under the supervision of physiotherapist Rafal Hejna in Rehasport Clinic, Poznań. Many various topics had been touched during the interview, such as the preparation for the profession of becoming a physiotherapist, helping patients, preparing ones physical condition, etc. – Do you more often help athletes and ordinary patients? – Asked professor Osiatyński – Each patient is unique and different, however, without doubt we help people who are not athletes more often – said Rafal Hejna. He had told a story of a 55 -year-old patient, who had been in very good physical shape, and had often been exposed to sport activity. – She was skipping rope, after 15 jumps everything was fine. Not being tired, she decided to jump some more. She jumped a total of 100 jumps. However, as a result she has had problems with her Achilles tendons for two months – admitted the physiotherapist of Rehasport Clinic. This means that even the slightest physical effort demands prior preparation.

The broadcast “Understanding the World”, with Rafal Hejna can be listen to in the attached link.