Agata Kopiec

Can one return to full sport activity after a severe car accident? Yes – thanks to hard work – especially under the guidance of experts, says a patient from Silesia, Agata Kopiec.

Agata was admitted to Rehasport Clinic after a severe car accident. A few days ago, a year had passed since that event. – I’m the first person in the family, or even among friends, who had been in such an event. In hospital, I felt very bad and had extensive injuries. Now I look great, but some problems still remain. I was struck on the right side, my liver was damaged, my arm was broken in two places and brain a little damaged. The doctor had said he had never seen such a broken hand and damaged liver. In his region, namely Silesia, I had no chance for a quick rehabilitation in a public institution.

– I had been signed up in a district hospital in ‘Jastrzębie Zdrój’, formerly a mining hospital, for a long term waiting list in 2014. Fortunately, thanks to her son and the program of the Sopot Ergo Hestia Insurance Company SA, which allows for treatment and rehabilitation in the context of liability insurance of the perpetrator of the accident, she had been admitted to Rehasport Clinic. – I do not know where the son found out about it , but it really helped me. Agata cooperates in Rehasport Clinic together with a physical therapist, Susanna Suchecka. There is a lot of manual work, which shall allow the right hand to return to activity. Additionally,  there are a few hour classes in the pool. – even at the weekends. I would like to do exercises in Poznań as long as possible, as I feel my progress and the neurologist who had examined me, was pleasantly surprised that there was such an improvement – says Agata, whom we wish a fast recovery to full fitness .