An important lecture of dr hab. Przemysław Lubiatowski during the EFORT Congress

efort_1The lectures of dr hab. Przemysław Lubiatowski resonated very well during the 16th European Federation of National Associations of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (EFORT) Congress, which was held in Prague. The orthopaedist from Rehasport Clinic organised two sessions (EFORT and SECEC) on shoulder diseases. The lecture did not come unnoticed – pages one and six of the congress edition of the prestigious magazine “Orthopaedics today” were devoted to it. The article can be found here.

The world EFORT Congress was attended by almost 6,500 registered participants from the whole world. Over six hundred papers and a lot of poster presentations were accepted. Among the issues discussed during the congress are the ones most significant for orthopaedics and locomotor system traumatology, in which fields Poznań is our country’s leading centre. Next year’s EFORT Congress will take place at the beginning of June in Geneva.