An unusual volleyball training at Rehasport Clinic

The Lotos Trefl volleyball training program introduced spinning classes  during their preparatory period. Under the supervision of Margaret Wisterowicz – Grzywacz, Gdańsk team members train in Rehasport Clinic twice a week.  Coach  Radoslaw Panas gives us some more details.

siatkarze1-001Volleyball players  spinning – is this something normal in your discipline, or rather an experiment?

I do not know how other teams train. I introduced spinning into my training program four years ago. All my previous teams had had such a training element during their preparatory period. And this is the way we practice twice a week, usually on a Tuesday and Thursday, for an hour. I think it is a very good complementary training for volleyball players, which raises their capacity, and burns some fat gathered after the holidays.


siatkarze2How long do you intend to train spinning?

Of course, this workout on bikes is interleaved with other exercises. It is usually a six week workout, or a twelve session one.  We also go to the gym three times a week, therefore we try to make exercises varied during the preparatory period. During this time, I do not foresee any sparring sessions. We intend to slow down a little after the preparatory period, and will play a few friendly tournaments, whereas training is devoted more to working on tactics.



How do the players themselves approach this style of training? Certainly for some it is something totally new?

Players are very satisfied. They say they have never come across anything like it. They like the fact that it is a short yet intense workout. We can even do more within an hour than while  running the same amount of time on the beach. Spinning is also about slight competition. Everybody cycles  in a group, can observe  each other. Even when someone has enough, but sees that his/her friend is still pedaling, he/she gets a dose of additional motivation to keep pushing forward. This also creates a unique bond within the team. Moreover the form of classes is great with  background music and a qualified instructor telling us the dos and don’ts of what we do, and how it affects our efficiency.


Additionally, spinning probably does not place additional load on joints as running does?

Exactly, and that is why it is a much better form of training for volleyball players. Additionally, a spinning workout is interval, so is also related to the specifics of  volleyball,  which has short, but very dynamic moments.