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Are there going to be changes in football? Football Medicine Strategies has closed!

london2The most significant medical conference devoted to the most popular discipline in the world has already closed. The talks of the the world’s leading authorities in the field of sports medicine have ended in London. Rehasport Clinic’s representatives were among them.

„Football Medicine Strategies for Player Care” – this is the name of this year’s conference, during which the representatives of the most important medical centres in the world presented new trends in sports medicine. The representatives of Rehasport Clinic, one of forty institutions holding the most important FIFA medical certificate – FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence, appeared among the speakers. Dr Tomasz Piontek and dr Monika Grygorowicz presented the pilot results of the recovery of the knee joint function after an arthroscopic treatment with the AMIC procedure among football players.

A couple of meetings of the representatives of all FIFA Medical Centres of Excellence were held in London. – We are coming back with new ideas, which are the effect of these more and less official meetings and lectures, also within the closed circle of FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence members. Possibly, they may result in changes in the regulations concerning football – said dr Monika Grygorowicz, the head of Rehasport Clinic’s Research and Development Department, after coming back to Poland.

In the picture: Rehasport Clinic’s representatives together with the members of the medical authorities of FIFA and UEFA. From left to right: dr Tomasz Piontek – the vice-chairman of the board of Rehasport Clinic, Michel D’Hooghe – the head of the FIFA and UEFA Medical Committee and a member of the FIFA Executive Committee; dr Monika Grygorowicz – the head of Rehasport Clinic’s Research and Development Department, prof. Jiri Dvorak – the head of the FIFA Medical and Research Centre (F-MARC), dr Witold Dudziński – the Chairman of Rehasport CIinic’s Executive Board.