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Are you a runner? Feel free to come for a free consultation

A physiotherapy team and a dietician from Rehasport Clinic will be available to you on Saturday, 11 October, in pavilion no.3 of the Poznań International Fair (MTP). Free consultation is an ideal moment to ask the professionals about even the most trivial matter and enjoy running for a longer time.


On Sunday, 12 October, several thousand marathon runners are going to run through the streets of Poznań. The day before, as a part of the Poznań Sport Fair, everyone interested may undergo a free medical and dietary consultation in pavilion no.3 of the MTP. In previous years, the specialists from Rehasport Clinic were assessing the state of the Achilles tendon, as well as of the so-called runner’s knee.

This year the physiotherapists from Rehasport Clinic will, free of charge, perform examinations, provide advice regarding the most frequent injuries, talk about the methods of preventing injuries, a proper warm-up, selection of footwear and insoles, etc.

Then, questions from the areas of supplementation, nutrition during convalescence or hydration during exercise will be answered by our dietician. Everyone will have an opportunity to test body composition with the use of Tanita scales, which makes it possible to, among others, assess muscle mass, determine proper BMI and check the level of adiposity of the internal organs.

The specialists from Rehasport Clinic are to be met in pavilion no. 3 of the MTP on Saturday from 9 AM to 7 PM.