Bartlomiej Salek

– I am slowly getting back on track – says Bartłomiej Sałek, who had undergone rehabilitation in Rehasport Clinic in Poznan after a severe car accident. Recently, additional rehabilitation and exercise is has been provided by his son, born at the beginning of February.

Mr. Sałek,an engineer, was driving with his wife to a U2 concert in August 2009. – My wife was driving. When we were overtaking the lorry, a strong gust of wind made her lose control of the wheel and we ended landing on the roof. I do not remember anything from the accident – says Mr. Sałek, in a serious condition was taken to hospital in Warsaw. – I had had a bruised left hemisphere of the brain , and the result of that injury was a right-hand paralysis. I was admitted to the Banach hospital and later began rehabilitation. First, in Warsaw, and later  Hestia and its special program , referred me  to Rehasport . There I continued my rehabilitation, which covered physiotherapy, psychological care and speech therapy . As a result, as I have managed to come so far – says the Rehasport Clinic patient.

Mr. Sałek thought that after the first stage of rehabilitation in Warsaw he would be fully operational. – It turned out otherwise.But further treatment was possible in Rehasport Clinic and the final stage of treatment finished in CRS,Warsaw – he says. The patient spent a month in Rehasport Clinic but before undergoing rehabilitation he had been there for preliminary examinations. As a coincidence, being one year before the accident. Rehasport Clinic specialist Rafał Hejna help in his rebabilitaion program. – I had three hours of exercises each day. Was that a big effort? I did not feel so. I had so much willpower in myself, that I just wanted to push forward. – he says. This strength was certainly given to him by his son, who was born at the beginning of February 2011.