Beetroot – vegetable of XXI century

Do you run, swim, cycle? Add a beetroot to your daily diet!

The Australian Institute of Sport has classified the beetroot juice as a supplement with reliable ergogenic effects. Due to a high content of nitrate, it gives a vasodilidation effect and thus increases the inflow of oxygen to the muscle tissue. However, the natural supplement is highly concentrated so I suggest avoiding drinking large amounts of it “at a time” since it may cause diarrhea or vomiting.   

For those who do not tolerate a fresh beetroot juice, I recommend a roasted beetroot. In 2012 Murphy et al. carried out measurements in the group of 11 women and men in order to analyze the impact of the roasted beetroot in the course of running. 75 minutes before a 5-kilometer test, the control group was given cranberries, whereas the sample group – 200g of roasted beetroot (content of nitrates above 500mg). The authors of this study indicate that those who received a roasted beetroot achieved better result (41 seconds shorter time) when compared to the placebo group. At the distance of last 1800m, the group supported with the roasted beetroot ran 5% faster than the control group.

How to use it in a diet? What you need to do is roast two beetroots, slice and dice them, and then add to your sandwich and salads.

Author: Anna Maria Borucka – dietician