Cold beetroot soup – rich in calcium, potassium and vitamin E

Beetroot JuiceCold beetroot soup is one of the most popular soups for the summer season. It is also nutritious, easy-to-prepare, has attractive color and is a low-calorie meal. A portion with a half of avocado has only 250 kcal, which represents as much as 20% of the daily demand for calcium and potassium among adults. Another advantage we should emphasize is high content of vitamin E which is responsible for delaying aging process.

Recipe/ 5 portions (see the picture)
-2 bunches of young beet greens with beetroots
-2 glasses of vegetable broth (500ml)
-1 large probiotic yoghurt (370ml)
-2/3 of buttermilk package (600ml)
-1 bunch of dill
-1 bunch of chives

Instead of eggs – ½ avocado (75g) per portion.

How to prepare:
Dice beetroots and pour vegetable broth over them. Cook for 5 minutes until they soften. At this time cut young beet greens and add them to the broth after 4-5 minutes. Cook all of them for 3 minutes and put in a cold place. Once it has cooled off, add yoghurt and buttermilk, as well as chopped dill and chives. Mix the composition and add a pinch of salt and pepper to taste. Serve with a piece of diced avocado