Covid-19 Statistics - external resources

External links for periodically (daily) updated statistics re. Covid-19 pandemic spread.

Basic well-descigned slide deck of general statistics. Some graphs are interactive
The charts of O​ur World in Data
This slidedeck is updated every day at noon London time.

Coronavirus statistics Poland (in Polish)
Szczegółowe polskie statystyki związane z zachorowalnością – zakażenia, chorzy, zgony, hospitalizowani, wyleczeni, liczba testów, kwarantanna, nadzór epidemiologiczny, mapa województw.

Very good resources for any general Covid-19 related statistics\
COVID-19 Data Visualization Center – Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) – Statistics and Research – Our World in Data

Coronavirus dashboard: live updates, cases, death toll, graphs, maps

Coronavirus tracked: the latest figures as the pandemic spreads | Financial Times

Coronavirus Update (Live):  – Worldometer

Coronavirus 2020-nCoVAnodot – Discover Your Anomalies

Wolfram Alpha Covid-19 Patients Demographics

COVID – 19 Status Dashboard

Apple Mobility Trends

Deep Knowledge Group Covid-19 Safety, Risk and Govenment Rankings

10-day Covid-19 forecast for situation development for different countries\
Coronavirus 10-day forecast

COVID-19 Projections

To identify changes in the reproduction number, rate of spread, and doubling time during the course of the COVID-19 outbreak at the national and subnational level whilst accounting for potential biases due to delays in case reporting.