Doctor Łukasz Stoliński – a lecturer during SOSORT International Scientific Course

Doctor Łukasz Stoliński – a lecturer on backbone deformation in sagittal plane during SOSORT International Scientific Course in France.

On 4-6 May 2017 in France, in Lyon, another SOSORT International Scientific Conference will be held. Doctor Łukasz Stoliński, our physiotherapist and Rehasport Clinic Backbone Team member, before the conference (on 3 May 2017) will give a lecture in the clinical scientific course devoted to backbone deformations, on the issue of photographical examination innovations in sagittal plane.

Doctor Łukasz Stoliński and Prof. Dariusz Czaprowski from Olsztyn will represent Poland as specialists. We need to emphasize that if we took into account the number of approved summaries to be presented, doctor Łukasz Stoliński would take the 3rd position with his seven texts. The largest number, i.e. 9 works, applies to Prof. PhD MD Tomasz Kotwicki, who is the head of UM Child Orthopedics and Backbone Disease Clinic in Poznań and the head of the Rehasport Clinic Backbone Team. In total, the conference will be attended by 267 authors from 30 countries worldwide.