Doctor Paweł Sokołowicz and Mateusz Potoczny, a physiotherapist, in women’s national handball team

Leszek Krowicki, a women’s national handball team coach, has announced the line-up of our team which will initiate preparations for the final tournament of the European Championship on 20 November. The coach team is composed of the following Rehasport Clinic specialist: doctor Paweł Sokołowicz, a national team doctor, and Mateusz Potoczny, a physiotherapist. 

Our team, coming fourth during last year’s world’s championship, aims to play a key role in the final tournament of the European Championship. The competition will be held from 3 to 18 December in two Swedish cities: Goeteborg and Kristianstad. Leszek Krowicki has chosen 18 players to represent Poland and 16 of them will show up in Sweden. Polish handball players will take part in the consultation meeting on 20 November in Płock. Before they enter EURO competition, they have to play a friendly tournament in Spain and go to two training camps. In the process of preparing for European Championship our Polish representatives will be supported by a six-person coach team composed among others of two Rehasport Clinic specialists: doctor Paweł Sokołowicz, a head team doctor, and Mateusz Potoczny, a physiotherapist.

Polish national team line-up:

  1. Weronika Gawlik (SPR Lublin)
    2. Joanna Drabik (SPR Lublin)
    3. Agnieszka Kowalska  (SPR Lublin)
    4. Aleksandra Rosiak (SPR Lublin)
    5. Weronika Kordowiecka (GTPR Gdynia)
    6. Monika Kobylińska (GTPR Gdynia)
    7. Katarzyna Janiszewska (GTPR Gdynia)
    8. Joanna Kozłowska (GTPR Gdynia)
    9. Adrianna Płaczek (Pogoń Szczecin)
    10. Kamila Szczecina  (Pogoń Szczecin)
    11. Patrycja Królikowska (Pogoń Szczecin)
    12. Kinga Grzyb  (Zagłębie Lubin)
    13. Ewa Andrzejewska (Start Elbląg)
    14. Natalia Nosek (SMS Płock)
    15. Karolina Kudłacz-Gloc (HC Lipsk)
    16. Emilia Galińska (Neckersulmer SU)
    17. Kinga Achruk (Budućnost Podgorica)
    18. Alina Wojtas (Larvik HK)

Coach team:
Leszek Krowicki (coach)
Adrian Struzik (coach assistant)
Paweł Sokołowicz (doctor)
Grzegorz Wowra (physiotherapist)
Mateusz Potoczny (physiotherapist)
Paulina Adamska (statistician)