Dr Grygorowicz’s lecture at the Lech Conference

„Injury prevention in children’s football” was the topic of the lecture of dr Monika Grygorowicz from Rehasport Clinic during another, fifth edition of the Lech Conference.

The Lech Conference is a series of lectures and training presentations for football coaches. This year, more than a thousand of them visited the Arena. Rehasport Clinic has been a content partner of the conference for years. This year’s edition was devoted to offensive actions in a game model – speakers from Anderlecht Brussels, Herthy Berlin, Schalke 04 Gelsenkirchen, Sporting Lisbona and Lech Poznań talked about their schools. Dr Monika Grygorowicz’s lecture was devoted to injuries in children’s and adolescent’s football. The speaker, a specialist from Rehasport Clinic, who once was a Polish Champion and the country’s national team member, advised the audience about, i.a., the factors to which attention should be paid in order to reduce the risk of a young sportsperson being injured. Additionally, this important matter turned out to be interesting for a number of coaches, who decided to take part in the individual consultations after the lecture.