Dr hab. Przemysław Lubiatowski as a guest on the congress of the Russian Arthroscopic Society

IMG_9693Dr hab. Przemysław Lubiatowski from Rehasport Clinic was a special guest at the XI Congress of the Russian Arthroscopic Society in Moscow, as well as he attended a conference devoted to the theoretical considerations concerning shoulder arthroscopy. During the congress organised by dr Jewgienij Gonczarow, who participated in training courses in Rehasport Clinic in the past, dr Lubiatowski performed, i.a., a demonstration operation. The orthopaedist from Poznań also gave lectures on the methods of shoulder treatment.

Being the chairman of the Eastern European Support Committee of the European Society for Shoulder and Elbow Surgery (SECEC), dr hab. Przemysław Lubiatowski presented the composition of its board. The task of this body is, among other things, the coordination of the activities of the whole Eastern European Support Committee, which should promote the idea of shoulder and elbow surgery in this region.