Dr. Thomas Piontek lecturing in South Korea

Dr. Tomasz Piontek from Rehasport Clinic had spent four busy days in South Korea. – Collagen membranes in the orthopedic market are a novelty in this country . We, however, have already managed to evaluate their use. I had been invited to talk about our method – says Dr. Piontek.

seul1A team of orthopedic surgeons from Poznań, together with Dr.  Thomas Piontek, already three years ago had published an article in a monthly magazine published by the European Society of Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy. It describes the arthroscopic technique for treating the articular cartilage by use of the AMIC method. In short – it is a reconstruction of the articular cartilage by use of scaffolds and the stimulation of bone marrow stem cells.

seul2Orthopedic surgeons from Poznań have been able to describe the arthroscopic technique for treating this method. – The fact that we can operate large articular surfaces arthroscopically, has given us  a chance to combine these treatments with many others, for example with  ligaments or meniscuses. The world is becoming more and more interested in this technique, and doctors from South Korea are very highly evaluated in the area of regenerative orthopedics and use of many stem cells. There are many types of collagen membranes, some being slightly better than others. In Korea, this product is just launching the market. Therefore, I had been invited  to come and share our technique. In addition, I had been invited to a unique congress, by  Professor  Kim, during which we had debated upon the AMIC method. I also had the opportunity to meet some doctors  in a few local hospitals and share our medical  knowledge – says Tomasz Piontek.

seul3The agenda of Dr. Thomas Piontek in Seoul was extremely tight. –  I had a few meetings from morning till afternoon within each of the four days of my stay.  Koreans are accustomed to such a lifestyle, and above all – to such a  working style. They are acknowledged for  very high levels of learning. Moreover, regenerative medicine is placed on an advanced level there. They also present a different legal structure and religion . We in Europe are very conservative, and due to our ethics we are rather  against such cell type culture . They, however, are not and transplant them between people – admits Dr. Piontek, who had been completely surprised by a very solemn welcoming in Seoul.  Even a large banner with Dr. Piontek’s name had been hung up on the street where he had had his lectures.

seul4We can expect the continuation of Poznan – Korean cooperation. At the beginning of December, Rehasport Clinic Hospital is expecting an orthopedic surgeon from Asia, who will be eyeing the AMIC surgery method performed by Dr. Piontek.