Doctor Tomasz Piontek: „The stay in Papua has shaped my worldview and view of life”

papua6On Saturday, June 25, Rehasport Clinic is organizing White Saturday at ul. Górecka 30 – all patients who have registered will have a chance to take free medical advice, use rehabilitation instructions and if required by the doctor – do ultrasonic and X-ray tests. We also kindly ask all generous people to transfer funds to the Rehasport Clinic Foundation’s account  – all collected funds will be used to purchase microscopes serving to treat TB in Papua New Guinea. TB is one of top five causes of death in this poor country. For more details, read here.

Why Papua New Guinea and not any other country of the third world? Explains PhD Tomasz Piontek – Rehasport Clinic orthopedist:

– In 2005 Jan Jaworski, an orthopedist and Catholic priest and Papua New Guinea missionary, visited orthopedic clinic I saw patients in. The cause of his visit was a knee pain, his joint cartilage was damaged. Despite the fact that he served others in his life, this amazing and unique person kept his passion: mountaineering. He reached Mount Wilhelm many times – this is the Australia and Oceania’s fourth highest peak located in Papua New Guinea. His knee pain prevented him from reaching the peak again.

– I operated Jan on and during a several-month rehabilitation, he made friends. When we were about to say goodbye, Jan Jaworski asked doctor Paweł Posadzy and me to come to Papua New Guinea – so that we could see this beautiful country and assist in helping the sick in Kundiawa. In March 2006 me and Paweł Posadzy flew via Singapore and Port Moresby to Madang. There we met Jerzy Kuźma – member of Societas Verbi Divini and orthopedist, who is de facto the university professor there as well as one of founders of Medical Faculty, and Józef Roszyński, widely called “Big Jone”, now a bishop and ordinary of Wawak diocese. We met many Poles who worked, taught and had missions. Back then I felt proud I was from their country!

– In Papua New Guinea we saw a different world and things we cannot experience in our wealthy country. Spending time in Kundiawa and doing surgeries in Jan Jaworski’s unit, we encountered cases we had read in historical descriptions before. Motor organs diseases in TB, infectious diseases, gunshot wounds or machete cuts – these required us to look at medicine and orthopedics from a different point of view. When we treated seriously ill people, we did not expect that this time with them together would influence our worldview and view of life.

– Contacts and acquaintances established back then have resulted in a multidimensional cooperation. One of the them is commitment of Rehasport Clinic in the process of helping people suffering from TB in Papua New Guinea and financial support in building drinking water reservoirs – pure water in villages in which the only available water is murky water from Sepik river. In fact this is the country which lacks basic medical care and in which you need to carry the sick on your back for a couple of hours to reach the health center. For these people any help is essential, and I know that funds collected by Rehasport Clinic Foundation will go in the right hands. Jerzy Kuźma, responsible for hundreds of thousand Papuan People and Józef Roszyński, also called “Big Jone” know best where to help.

How to help Papuan People?

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