Dusan Kuciak has undergone surgery in Rehasport Clinic

Dusan Kuciak operated in Rehasport Clinic

Goalkeeper Dusan Kuciak, from Legia Warsaw had undergone surgery in Rehasport Clinic – his pause in training will last minimum of three months.


The Slovak player, Dusan Kuciak, had an injury in the second leg during the fourth qualifying round of the Champions League with FC Steaua Bucharest. Arthroscopic knee surgery had been performed in the newly opened hospital of Rehasport Clinic, by Dr. Jacek Jaroszewski – the Legia Warsaw and Polish National Team doctor. – The operation had been performed without complications, but unfortunately it turned out that the cartilage damage was greater than we had expected. The players braek in playing will take at least three months – says Dr. Jaroszewski.

In two weeks Kuciak will go through follow-up checkups, which will more precisely determine the date of his return to the football pitch.