CSR Policy

The mission of Rehasport Clinic is to continue the work of Professor Wiktor Dega, the founder of the Polish school of orthopaedics. It was he who taught us that the cooperation of many specialists, doctors and physiotherapists, mutual exchange of information and confrontation of knowledge give the best results. For Professor Dega, a man who devoted his whole heart to medicine and his patients, work became a vocation.

For us, our vocation is to provide treatment for every patient who comes to Rehasport Clinic. We want to serve them with knowledge, experience and energy, because this is what the famous professor taught us. In our clinic, an Olympic champion has the same rights as a common John Smith — we devote ourselves to everyone with equal commitment. We have already helped tens of thousands of patients — both famous athletes and people who have nothing to do with sport. Our mission is to help hundreds of thousands more people.

Rehasport recognises that responsible sustainable business contributes to the well-being of societies and the growth and success of companies. This is why we regard CSR as an integral part of Rehasport's operations. Our main objectives are:

1) Promotion of physical activity among children, adults and seniors.

2) Supporting education and training initiatives.

In this regard, we are undertaking a number of activities such as:

  • Provision of free physiotherapy advice and consultation
  • Funding and donating equipment needed for sport and recreation to other organisations.
  • Provision of materials necessary for teaching activities.
  • Providing training, lectures and exercise classes.
  • Funding of prizes.

We believe that by carrying out the above activities we are contributing to the society in which Rehasport operates.

Through participation in various events, we build awareness of the Rehasport brand in selected target groups. By carrying out a range of educational activities and providing advice, we are seen as experts and patients, in the event of an injury requiring specialist assistance, are keen to choose clinics with which they have already had contact. During events in which we participate we distribute information materials and vouchers encouraging people to visit Rehasport, which translates into an increase in the number of patients.