In 2014, Rehasport was the first Polish medical centre to be included in the elite group of facilities with the highest certificate of the International Federation of Football - FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence. It was a immense success for Poznań orthopaedics, Polish medicine, the Polish Football Association and Lech Poznań, which works closely with the clinic. At the time, there were only 36 centres, the vast majority of which were teaching hospitals, in FIFA's global elite of musculoskeletal medical facilities.

- This is all the more of an achievement as we meet FIFA's high requirements as a clinic. This is our great success, but also the success of the entire Polish medicine, especially the Poznań orthopaedics, which has always, that is since the times of prof. Dega, set the direction of development. It is also the success of Lech Poznań, because from the very beginning our history is linked with Lech, our activities are connected, and one of the criteria for granting the accreditation was medical care for the football club. Finally, this is a remarkable achievement for the Polish Football Association (PZPN), as the recommendation at FIFA was made by President Zbigniew Boniek. We have managed to bring Polish orthopaedic thought into the global space — said Rehasport CEO Witold Dudziński, MD, PhD.

- We decided to enter the accreditation process for global centre status rather than local centre status. This is because our aim is to participate in setting the strategy of world sports medicine, and not only to implement the directions set by reference centres — as President Dudziński admitted. To be among the elite of FIFA's most important centres, requirements have to be met on six levels: having clinical experience, in the medical care of football clubs, implementing preventive programmes, conducting research projects, training young scientists and managing football events.

Joining this group has allowed Rehasport specialists to gain access to information from the world's largest facilities, their experience and expertise. - This includes a number of innovative medical activities carried out by members of the medical and coaching staff of such centres as: FC Barcelona, Adidas Sports Medicine Centre in Auckland, the International Olympic Committee's global centres of excellence. e.g: Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center, ASPETAR - Qatar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital or Hospital for Special Surgery in City of New York. It is an elite group and an opportunity for internal exchange of information and medical consultations — explained Dr Witold Dudziński.

As a result of being certified as a FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence, Rehasport specialists also set about shaping specialist programmes that can be used by millions of footballers around the world. The team led Monika Grygorowicz, MD, PhD, of Rehasport created the concept “Study: Bridging the gap among coaches, physician and physiotherapist: establishing the consensus on structured warm-up for football adolescent goalkeepers”.  In the not-too-distant future, it is likely to become a model for the conduct of pre-match warm-ups by goalkeepers around the world.

Polish Sailing Association

Rehasport is the place of highest competence in orthopaedics, diagnostics and rehabilitation of professional athletes. For over 8 years members of the national team, including Mateusz Kusznierewicz, Małgorzata Białecka, Paweł Tarnowski, have benefited from the knowledge and experience of Rehasport specialists. Rehasport is the only clinic recommended by the Polish Sailing Association.

Polish Handball Association

Rehasport has been the official medical partner of the Handball Association in Poland since 2012. During this time, the clinic has become known as a place of the highest competence in orthopaedics and rehabilitation. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of Rehasport's specialists, many players have returned to the court after injuries, including Sławomir Szmal, Mariusz Jurkiewicz i Michał Jurecki. The Polish Handball Association recommends cooperation with Rehasport in the care and treatment of professional athletes.