• Ultrasound


    Ultrasonography of the locomotor system. Ultrasound is an imaging diagnostic method based on the use of ultrasound (acoustic) waves penetrating deep into tissues. A general rule derived from the laws of physics, especially with regard to the musculoskeletal organ, is that diagnostic effectiveness decreases as the depth of location of anatomical structures increases. The diagram below illustrates the...
  • RTG


    Commonly known as X-ray, it is an imaging technique that uses X-radiation. It is an examination very often used in medicine. Especially for diagnosing skeletal conditions — fractures.
  • MRI 3T

    MRI 3T

    MRI is yet another non-invasive method of imaging the structures of the human body. Siemens supplied us with the MAGNETOM Spectra 3T (3-Tesla) device, which is featured with modern technological and technical solutions. The accuracy of imaging mainly depends on how strong the magnetic field is. The equipment at the Rehasport MRI laboratory generates a field with an inductance of 3 Tesla (3T). As a...