• Rehasport Hospital in Poznań

    Rehasport Hospital in Poznań

    Specialist orthopaedic hospital Rehasport Clinic was opened in Poznan in mid 2013. In our daily medical practice we focus on state-of-the-art solutions and patient comfort. Our hospital is equipped with the best equipment, and the operating theatres were designed and made by the worldwide recognised and trusted company ALVO MEDICAL. We have created an environment in which the patient feels complete...
  • List of treatments and operations

    List of treatments and operations

    Check out the list of treatments and surgeries conducted at Rehasport.
  • NCM Hospital in Gdańsk

    NCM Hospital in Gdańsk

    Nadmorskie Centrum Medyczne [Marine Medical Centre] was established in December 2000. Currently, the Centre comprises ten Medical Houses - outpatient clinics, laboratories and wards, where services are provided by more than 250 doctors.
  • Medicover Hospital

    Medicover Hospital

    Medicover has been operating on the Polish market since 1994. It has 41 Medical Centres across Poland and a modern 16,000 m² hospital located in Warsaw's Wilanów district. There are 9 specialist departments within the facility, employing around 350 doctors and 290 nurses on a permanent basis. Thanks to their experience and knowledge, patients of Medicover Hospital receive medical care at the highest...