• Package of 10 rehabilitations

    Package of 10 rehabilitations

    Wherever possible, we try to apply treatment through rehabilitation, which in many cases allows surgery to be avoided. Rehabilitation in our Clinic is also a certainty of exemplary communication between the orthopaedist - physiotherapist - patient. Rehasport's specialists exchange their knowledge so that rehabilitation runs safely and smoothly.
  • Medical examinations - sports medicine

    Medical examinations - sports medicine

    Medical examinations in the field of sports medicine (so-called athlete's fitness) are sometimes mandatory for certain sports and even for amateur competitions. And even if they are not compulsory - it is worth checking your health at least twice a year. Indeed, sporting competition around the world requires an athlete to undergo basic tests in order to be fit for sport. All athletes who want to...
  • Conscious runner

    Conscious runner

    Assessment of running mechanics and technique is an important part of the prevention and rehabilitation of running injuries, as well as monitoring running economy. It helps minimise the risk of running injuries and helps you make the right adjustments to your training. The programme is aimed at all beginners and intermediate runners, and in particular at those planning to start an adventure with this...
  • Conscious skier/snowboarder

    Conscious skier/snowboarder

    How long does it take to prepare for a ski or snowboard trip? It depends on the starting point. If someone has been completely inactive, is overweight and perhaps struggles with other issues, then there is a problem.
  • Conscious tennis player

    Conscious tennis player

    The programme is aimed at people active in tennis. The very name - “Concious tennis player” - indicates that it should be of interest to people who want to develop themselves in sport and additionally increase their capabilities and have knowledge of potential risks resulting from lack of proper preparation or from injuries. We offer the Conscious Tennis Player package in three versions: basic...