Treatment within health insurance

Rehasport has been providing medical care for people injured in traffic accidents since 2010.


The process undertaken in the treatment of these people is in line with the overarching mission that guides our activities related to the treatment of these people and follows the motto: 




The psycho-social and sociological conditions of a person who suffers a traffic accident are very complex. There is a sudden impairment of the ability to perform the activities of daily living, which determines a significant reduction in the quality of life. A person injured in an accident requires specialised multi-faceted assistance, including, above all, medical care. Our many years of experience have allowed us to develop a standard of treatment and service for the injured, unprecedented in Poland. In order to ensure proper continuity of the treatment process and quality of services, the Personal Injury Treatment Service (DLSO) was created. The department's staff are at the sole disposal of the injured party, making it possible to respond to rapidly changing needs on an ongoing basis.

Stages of medical treatment in personal injury cases

Comprehensive Functional Assessment of the Patient

The Comprehensive Functional Assessment of the Patient consists of an examination conducted by:

  • specialised doctors
  • fhysiotherapist
  • psychologist
  • other persons with narrow skills to improve the quality of diagnosis
  • and treatment (e.g. speech therapist, musculoskeletal therapist, EEG Biofeedback specialist, EMG)

We make every effort to ensure that all the tests that make up a comprehensive assessment take place within one day.

In cases where a two-day examination is necessary due to the complexity of the process or a considerable distance from the place of residence, we organise accommodation for the person examined, which also provides suitable conditions for persons requiring special adaptations for the disabled.

The assessment produces a report that includes:

  • precise medical diagnosis according to ICD procedures
  • precise clinical examination
  • conclusions of research - each study concludes with a summary containing recommendations and objectives for treatment and rehabilitation, indicating where the process should take place and forecasting the expected duration of treatment
  • Treatment costing
  • Treatment process


It is carried out both in Rehasport centres and in the gradually expanding network of Licensed Rehabilitation Centres (LOR). They have been carefully selected to provide the appropriate experience and level of expertise to enable the rehabilitation process to continue safely according to Rehasport standards.

Surgical treatment

It is conducted at the Rehasport Hospital, which is a place of the highest competence in full treatment of the musculoskeletal system, with modern premises and equipment. The doctors involved in the surgical treatment of the injured person then monitor the improvement process.

Patients' opinions


Rehabilitation in Poznań

Car accident

Bartłomiej, a refrigeration engineer, was travelling with his wife to a U2 concert in August 2009. - The spouse was driving the car. When we overtook the lorry, we got a big gust and she did not control the car. It ended in a rollover. I don’t remember anything about that accident - says Bartłomiej, who was taken to hospital in Warsaw in a very serious condition. - I had a contusion in the left hemisphere of my brain, and the result of this injury was right-sided paralysis. I was taken to the hospital at Banacha, then I started rehabilitation. First in Warsaw, and then thanks to Hestia and its special programme, I was seconded to Rehasport. Here I underwent further rehabilitation, in terms of physiotherapy, psychology and speech therapy. Thanks to this I recovered - says the patient of the Poznań clinic. In his own words, he is “slowly getting on the right track”.


Bartłomiej thought he was fully fit after the first stage of rehabilitation in Warsaw. - However, it turned out not to be the case. Afterwards, however, I was able to continue my classes at Rehasport. I completed my rehabilitation at CRS in Warsaw,” he says. The patient spent a month at Rehasport Clinic, but had previously been here for an initial examination. The examination took place on the anniversary of the accident. He was assisted in his physiotherapy exercises by Rehasport Clinic specialist Rafał Hejna. - I had three hours of exercises every day. Is it a lot of effort? I did not feel it. I had so much strength inside me, so much motivation, that nothing bothered me - he says. His son, who was born at the beginning of February 2011, certainly gave him this strength. - This is additional new rehabilitation. I am very pleased about it - smiles Bartłomiej.



I intend to exercise until I get it right

Smiling, hard-working, she knows exactly where she is going. - I am going to keep execrcising until I can fully bend my legs in my knees - says Ula Sójka, who is undergoing rehabilitation at the Rehasport Clinic. She can now walk almost normally and it is hard to believe that only a few months ago doctors were condemning this nice young girl to a wheelchair. All because of an accident on 14 December 2009, in which Ula's family was involved. - I will never forget that day, because my mother died in an accident. This left psychological trauma and physical injury. The prognosis was mediocre, but fortunately it is getting better - Ula recalls today. Thanks to Sopot Insurance Company Ergo Hestia SA can benefit from a programme allowing rehabilitation in Rehasport Clinic within the scope of civil liability insurance of the accident perpetrator.


Andrzej Grupa: Did you have faith that all would be well with your health?

Ula Sójka: - It was hard, very hard. I had open fractures in my femurs, also internal injuries: liver, spleen, ankle joint was also not functional. The doctors said at first that I might not be able to walk, that I would have to use a wheelchair. This came as a huge shock to me.


When did you believe that things could be different?

- The worst part was the beginning, when the doctors wouldn't let me walk, just told me to lie in bed. They threatened me that if I didn't lie down, just walked around and got tired, the bones wouldn't fuse. So I lay there for a good four and a half months. I did, however, have my own physiotherapist who came to the house time and time again. He encouraged gentle exercises, such as leg lifts. He took responsibility and started to brought a walking frame, although the doctors were of a different opinion, they did not give their approval. And I walked - slowly, step by step. I felt more and more confident, I saw that I could walk after all. At first there were three people walking beside me, carrying me up the stairs. I did not accept that I could be tied to a wheelchair. And so I struggle to this day.


And the breakthrough moment?

- I think it was when the physiotherapist put me next to a walker and my legs touched the ground for the first time.


When did you find out about Rehasport Clinic?

- This is thanks to Hestia. I was offered a rehabilitation programme so that I could continue to improve. In my town, and I live in Człuchów, at some point rehabilitation could not go any further. Here in Poznań there is a completely different approach, a different technique, I don't know where to start to talk about these changes. There I had passive exercises, if only for my knees. So I lay on the table and these knees were bent. Instead, the quadriceps muscles were not strengthened, there were no developmental exercises. When I arrived at Rehasport, I got a shock because everything looks different here. Rehabilitation therapists deal not just with the bend itself, but with the whole legs, the whole body. This has already made me feel much more confident when standing and I believe it will be even better. Because I have access to great specialists here.


Are you already bending your legs tighter?

- There is progress, but it is slow. Even more so, it's not just about flexing, but about rebuilding muscles that are in a terrible state. I didn't even know they were so important that I use my calves when walking and my quadriceps don't work at all. It was only at Rehasport that they made me aware of this.


How long will you continue to rehabilitate at the Clinic?

- Until the end of this week, then beyond. I am going back to Człuchów, but Rehasport will monitor me. That is, they will tell me every time what exercises to do. I'm going to keep exercising until I do, and I hope to eventually bend my knees like I did before the accident.


I don't doubt it, because you are already walking brilliantly.

- Much better than when I came under the care of the specialists at Rehasport Clinic. At the time I walked like a duck, but after these corrective exercises there is a marked improvement.