The organisational potential of Rehasport Clinic, expressed in the number of scientific and R&D projects carried out in the unit so far, allows a high assessment of the ability to conduct scientific research in orthopaedics and sports medicine. The Research and Development Department successfully raises funds for research projects, in cooperation with national and international partners. Members of the research teams are constantly keeping up to date with new trends and developments in technology, and setting new standards in their fields.

The department's employees remain open to new ideas and proposals for collaborative R&D projects and effectively help bring innovation to Rehasport Clinic's business practice and to the market for medical products and services. As part of their research and development projects, the clinic's specialists cooperate closely with staff from external institutions, including the Chair and Clinic of Hand Surgery of Poznań University of Medical Sciences, the Chair and Clinic of Paediatric Orthopaedics of Poznań University of Medical Sciences, and in cooperation with European scientific and research centres under the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development of Enterprises.  

Contact to the research department:

tel. 61 833 89 89 (internal). 152

Martyna Białecka
Rehasport Research & Development Departmentt

Katarzyna Czubak
Rehasport Research & Development Departmentt

Rehasport Scientific Council

The Scientific Council of Rehasport Clinic is the body that supervises and gives opinions on scientific research conducted at all Rehasport Clinic facilities. Each scientific project is framed within the activities of one of the Scientific Teams, chaired by a substantive leader. The heads of the Scientific Teams at Rehasport Clinic:

Prof. Przemysław Lubiatowski, MD, PhD
Head of the Upper Limb Team, Chairman of the Scientific Council

Witold Dudziński, MD, PhD 
Member of the Scientific Council, President of the Management Board

Prof. Tomasz Kotwicki, MD, PhD
Head of the Spine Team, Member of the Scientific Council

Tomasz Piontek, MD, PhD
Head of the Lower Limb Team


Monika Grygorowicz, MD, PhD
Head of the Sport Sciences Research Group

Prof. Julius Huber, MD, PhD
Member of the Scientific Council

We also plan and organise training courses in orthopaedics, traumatology and musculoskeletal rehabilitation. We provide both individual surgeon-to-surgeon training for orthopaedists and comprehensive training meetings for small groups of doctors and physiotherapists. Training programmes are tailored to the needs of participants - we prepare basic courses as well as profiled projects improving skills at an advanced level (e.g. in shoulder, elbow, knee or hip arthroscopy).


Thanks to our cooperation with the state of the art training laboratory in Poland, we run courses using anatomical preparations (cadaver course). We also coordinate programmes to improve the qualifications of doctors and physiotherapists associated with Rehasport Clinic and organise internal scientific and training meetings.


Training Department Team
Marek Stawniak, MD

Training Department Manager, marek.stawniak@rehasport.pl

Joanna Paterska

Training Department Assistant, joanna.paterska@rehasport.pl