The patient can count on individual care from the moment of contact with the clinic, support during treatment, up to complete settlement of treatment costs, which can be financed from the insurance policy. In this case, with the power of attorney delegated to us, the entire administrative process remains with Rehasport. We will also advise you on how you can benefit from this solution.

Working closely with doctors, physiotherapists and other departments within the company, appointments are reduced to a maximum of a few days. Our aim is to respond quickly and effectively to the help that our partners report to us. 

Our tasks also include the coordination of examinations, assessments that serve to prevent the occurrence of injuries and improve the individual capabilities of each patient, athlete. 

We invite you to a proven model of cooperation!

In addition to taking care of the athlete's health, our medical team is also responsible for their dietary and supplement preparation for training and competing. It is diet and supplementation that forms the basis of our Pyramid.

The next level of initiation is the skilful handling by the athlete of the physiological parameters collected in the so-called daily data log. Our sports doctor carries out the necessary examinations and plans a further course of action for the athlete/competitor , aimed at developing his/her fitness and strengthening selected body parts.

We actively support the physical preparation training of athletes, especially with regard to adequate neurophysiological preparation. We also deal with what ultimately determines sporting success, i.e. proper mental preparation.

Benefits for the athlete

Cooperation with Rehasport Clinic means measurable benefits for the athlete, the club or the sports association. We come up with an offer that will satisfy the most demanding Partners. Below is a list of the athlete benefits that underpin our co-operation offer:

  • Comprehensive medical care in the field of musculoskeletal injuries, diagnostics and rehabilitation of these organs.
  • Priority of services provided at Rehasport Clinic facilities.
  • Designated medical supervisor.
  • Systematic structural analysis of body composition and biomechanical assessment with rehabilitation report.
  • Possibility of financing treatment from insurance.
  • The entire administrative process of insurance policy settlement on the part of Rehasport Clinic.
  • An option for sports performance tests.

Medical care for professional athletes

Rehasport Clinic was the first centre in Poland to offer competitive athletes a full and comprehensive examination, taking into account the latest global medical knowledge to support the training process. As in every field, also in sports training, control tools are important, allowing an objective diagnosis of physiological and biomechanical parameters of the body. At the Rehasport Clinic we have the most modern systems in the world designed for athletes, testing for example proprioception or muscle strength. The combination of these tools with traditional blood and performance tests provides coaches with a complete picture of the athlete's body and allows them to accurately select training loads.

Medical care for sports enthusiasts

In the modern world, the difference between competitive and amateur  sport is becoming increasingly blurred and many “non-professionals” have increasing demands on the equipment used, observation and testing or the training process. Among these elements is professional medical care including research for amateur athletes. All tests and services of Rehasport Clinic dedicated to professional athletes and provided in accordance with the highest standards required in professional sport, are also offered to amateur athletes. We offer everyone individually tailored care to meet their needs and requirements, regardless of the sport they practice. It is worth remembering that the Rehasport Clinic medical team treats all patients with the same attentiveness as Olympic medallists and world champions! We carry out comprehensive tests for athletes in Warsaw, Gdańsk and Poznań.

Jakub Puchalski

Sports Director

Dominika Hardel

Sports Specialist

Joanna Lisiecka

Sports Department Assistant

Joanna Paterska

Sports Department Assistant