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Is there parking lot by the clinic?
Yes, there is a parking lot.

Do you provide rehabilitation services in the scope of NFZ (National Health Service)?
Unfortunately we do not have a contract for rehabilitation with the National Health Service. 

Are the RM and ultrasound examinations included in the National Health Service?
Unfortunately we do not have a contract for RM (MRI) and ultrasound with the National Health Service. 

Do you provide orthopaedics services in the scope of NFZ (National Health Service)?

How long does a visit last?
Depending on the patient’s needs, the average needed time is 15-30 minutes.

How long is the wait for treatment?
An appointment date can usually be arranged very quickly, often in the same week as the visit or within a week.

Can I pay by card?
Yes you can.

Is ultrasound (USG) examination included in the visit?
No, an additional date must be set. The ultrasound is performed by another doctor.

At what time after surgery should rehabilitation be undertaken and at what frequency?
This depends on the treatment. Your doctor will inform you at your qualifying appointment for the procedure.

Are there delays?
Yes, the appointment time is approximate and subject to change.

Do you provide home visits?

Does the doctor speak English?

Is it possible to have an appointment and an ultrasound on the same day?
Yes, but usually these two appointments must be made in advance.

Do I need a referral for an X-ray ultrasound?
You do not need a referral for ultrasound, but you do need one for X-ray.

What tests should should I bring to the appointment with?
The patient should bring documentation of previous treatment if it concerns the same condition.



What is the cost of an orthopaedic consultation?
The cost of an orthopaedic, preluxation, sports medicine visit is PLN 160, a visit to a professor is PLN 250.

What does this price include?
The price includes the consultation and any treatment (injection, puncture, plaster insertion/extraction, removal of stitches, etc.). As part of your visit, your doctor may perform a basic ultrasound examination.

Is there an extra charge for X-ray, ultrasound?
A patient on a private visit shall pay for any additional tests ordered. An ultrasound examination by a radiologist is charged extra.

Does the orthopaedic surgeon perform an ultrasound during the orthopaedic consultation?
Yes, if he/she considers it necessary for the diagnosis of the patient.

What is the deadline for a visit paid for by the National Health Service (NFZ)?
The waiting time for an appointment within the NFZ is approximately 3 months for a stable case and 4 weeks for an urgent case. These timescales may be brought forward depending on the patient's condition.

Do you operate on patients within a contract with the NFZ?
We do not operate patients under contract with the NFZ, we only have an outpatient clinic in Konin.

Do privileged patients (severely disabled, veterans, meritorious honorary donors, etc.) admitted within NFZ have the right to choose a doctor?
Privileged patients have the right to receive services out of turn, but do not have the right to choose a doctor.

Is it possible to pay by card?
Yes, we do accept card payments.

Where is the nearest pharmacy (drug store)?
The nearest pharmacy is located in the hospital next to the outpatient department.

Will I get in for an appointment immediately?
Patients are registered for defined times, but the moment of admission may change, due to urgent cases, privileged patients, individual approach to the patient.

What is the waiting time for a photocopy of medical records?
The waiting time is 14 days.




When will I be informed of my admission time to hospital?
Information on the time of admission will be given by telephone the working day before the treatment, by 1pm.

Is menstruation a contraindication to the surgery?
Menstruation is a contraindication for surgeries such as hip and knee replacement, spinal surgery or the removal of large anastomoses. For other surgeries, menstruation is not a contraindication.

Do I need to have an ECG before the surgery?
Every person over the age of 40 must have an ECG test done and bring it with them to the Hospital.

Can I have laboratory tests for the surgery done at Rehasport Clinic?
Laboratory tests can be performed at Rehasport Clinic at ul. Górecka 30 in Poznań. The results will be available to hospital staff in the system. Tests can also be done at the laboratory closest to where you live, in which case take the results with you to your hospital admission.

Can the child be accompanied by the parent throughout the hospitalisation?
A child under 16 can be accompanied by one carer 24 hours a day. For children over the age of 16, a guardian must accompany them on admission and on discharge.

Do I have to remove my nail polish for surgery?
On the operated limb, the nail polish should be taken off.

Do I need to shave the operated limb for surgery?
It is not advisable to shave the operated limb yourself for the surgery. This imposes a potential source of infection. This will be carried out professionally in the Hospital by medical staff.

What do I need to take with me to hospital?
Bring with you completed documents along with results of laboratory and imaging tests (CT scan, MRI, X-ray, ECG and other if they were done) as well as toiletries and comfortable clothes for change (t-shirt, leggings or short, pajamas, slippers). If you use an orthosis or sling take it with you, your doctor will assess whether you will continue to use these after surgery.
Also take with you the completed anaesthetic and epidemiological questionnaire that you received from the Patient Attendant.

Is a cold, antibiotic therapy, a sore tooth or urinary tract inflammation a contraindication to the surgery?
Yes, these ailments are contraindications to the surgery.

When is the treatment paid for?
On the day of discharge, or on admission for surgery without a 24-hour hospital stay.

In what form should payment be made?
Payment can be made by cash, card or bank transfer.  You can make an advance payment for the surgery or pay the entire amount before you leave the hospital. If you will be making a transfer, please bring the transfer confirmation with you. All payments must be made before leaving the hospital.
We do not issue deferred payment transfer invoices.

Will I be able to drive after the surgery?
Driving is not recommended after any surgical procedures.

Will I be able to walk with crutches after the surgery?
Usually about 3 - 4 weeks after the treatment.

Will I receive sick leave for the duration of my hospital stay?
As much as possible, the sick leave will be issued from the day of admission until the post-operative visit.

Will a family member receive time off work to care for a patient undergoing surgery?
If it meets all the legal conditions, it is possible to issue a work release for the next of kin.

How quickly will I recover from the procedure?
This is a very individual matter to be arranged with your attending physician.

Do you perform operations in the scope of NFZ (National Health Service)?
Unfortunately we do not perform surgery under the National Health Service.

At what time will my surgery start? 
The time of admission to the Hospital is not the time of the surgery. The surgery will take place on the day of admission to the Hospital, we do not specify the exact time of the procedure.

Will I receive sick leave/patient care? For how long? 
Of course, if sick leave or care is needed. The first discharge is issued from the time of admission to hospital until the date of the post-operative visit.

At what times can I receive a discharge from the Hospital?
Hospital discharge hours start at 11:00. Hospital working day ends at 13:00. 

Will I see the doctor before the surgery? 
Certainly yes. The operator will come to you before the surgery to sign your consent for the surgery. 

What kind of anaesthetic will I get? 
The anaesthetist will comment on this before the procedure during the anaesthetic interview.

Can my family visit me after the surgery? 
Certainly yes. The best thing to do is to call the hospital and ask if the patient has had the surgery. Please read the Visitor Rules available on our website.

Can an accompanying person stay with me in hospital overnight?
Unfortunately this is not possible but we can recommend a hotel/guest room near the hospital. 

Will I have rehabilitation in hospital? 
Yes, after the surgery you will have a meeting with a physiotherapist who will outline what exercises you need to do until your post-operative appointment. You will also receive an exercise manual with your discharge. 

Will I see the doctor after the surgery? 
Yes, the doctor or doctor’s assistant will come to check on the patient’s condition after the surgery.

Can I leave my car in the premises of the hospital? Is there a parking lot? 
Of course, the hospital has a 24-hour, monitored, free car park for the use of patients and visitors. 

Is there a pharmacy in the hospital?
There is no patient pharmacy on the hospital premises.

Is there a place in the Hospital where an accompanying person can wait/work?
Yes, a rest room is available on the ground floor of the Hospital for accompanying persons waiting for a patient.

Will I be able to eat after the surgery?
Yes, after a reasonable time after the operation, as determined by the doctor on duty.

Will I be able to order an extra meal to the hospital from outside?
Ordering a meal is possible by arrangement with the staff on duty in the ward. Sufficient food is provided by the Hospital.

Is there an orthopaedic shop on the premises of the Hospital?
Orthopaedic and rehabilitation equipment (crutches, orthoses, cooling gels, balls, tapes, rolls, compression stockings, etc.) can be purchased from the Hospital Secretariat.



What exactly is the product range offered by the Rehasport Clinic shop?
The Rehasport Clinic shop offers orthopaedic products such as: orthoses, stabilizers, upper and lower limb and spine tutors, walking aids such as crutches, canes, walkers, wheelchairs, orthopaedic insoles, small rehabilitation equipment and Exogen ultrasonic bone healing system.

What is the Exogen ultrasound bone healing system?
It is a unique device that uses low intensity pulsed ultrasound technology to stimulate the body's natural bone healing process. The EXOGEN device is:

  • effective for non-union fractures
  • safe when metal restraints or implants are used

Is the size of the brace universal?
No. Most of the orthoses should be selected based on the measurements of the specific body part taking into account the side.  

Can I take the brace off at night?
It is advisable to wear the orthosis throughout the recovery period, but the final decision is made by the attending doctor or rehabilitation specialist.

Can the orthoses be washed?
Most are washable, but please refer to the instructions for use for specific indications.

Can I return a purchased item?
Purchased goods are not returnable.

Is it possible to exchange the product?
You can exchange the goods for a different size or colour on the basis of a receipt or invoice within 3 days.

Are the products in the shop refundable? If so, how much?
Most of the shop’s range is reimbursed by the National Health Service. The amount of the refund is as follows:

  1. Medical products such as: orthoses, stabilizers, cords, corsets:

90% refund for adults from NFZ limit

100% refund for children under 18 years from the NFZ limit

  1. Aids such as crutches, canes, walkers:

70% refund for all from NFZ limit

Can a GP write an order for an orthosis?
A GP cannot issue an application/order for specialist orthopaedic equipment, but can issue an application for aids, i.e. crutches, walking sticks, a manual wheelchair, an anti-bedsore mattress, nappies etc.

Which specialist can prescribe an order for orthopaedic supplies?
The order for orthopaedic supplies can be issued by the following specialists: orthopaedist, rheumatologist, neurologist, surgeon, oncologist, rehabilitation doctor.

Are orthopaedic insoles individually selected in the shop?
In the shop we carry out a basic biomechanical examination of the feet and using a podoscope, on the basis of which we select orthotics.

Are orthopaedic insoles selected on the basis of foot length or shoe size?
Orthopedic insoles are selected according to the length of the foot to support the appropriate arches of the foot.

Are the elbow crutches height adjustable?
Each elbow ball is height adjustable, usually from 155 cm to 185 cm, children’s 115 cm - 155 cm.

Does the colour of the rehabilitation bands matter?
Yes. The colour of the tape indicates its resistance, i.e. the specific elasticity of the tape. Thanks to the proper selection of the resistance of the belt to the strength of the exercising person and his/her capacity, the rehabilitation process runs more efficiently and without complications.

What are the methods of payment for purchased goods?
The Rehasport Clinic shop accepts cash and card payments.

Does the shop ship the goods?
Yes. The goods are shipped via DHL courier service.

Who pays the delivery costs?
Shipping costs are paid by the buyer.

Is it possible to rent orthopaedic supplies, crutches, a wheelchair, a walker or an orthosis?
Unfortunately not. Only the purchase of orthopaedic supplies is possible.

The rental only applies to the Exogen appliance for the treatment of non-union and accelerated healing of fresh fractures.

What is the product guarantee period?
The guarantee period for the orthosis is 12 months, including a 6-month guarantee on individual components, depending on the manufacturer. Compression products for varicose veins and oedema are guaranteed for 6 months, wheelchairs for 2 to 3 years and walkers for 12 months.

If the product is purchased with reimbursement from the National Health Service, the guarantee is half of the life expectancy of the National Health Service.

The warranty period may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.   



Do you perform an MRI within the National Health Service?
We do not have a contract for MR examination under the National Health Service.

Is there a desc.ription to download online?
This is not possible.

Do I need a referral for an MRI scan?
A referral is only required for an abdominal examination, the other examinations do not require a referral.

Can I pay for the MRI in advance?
Payments are made after the examination in the MR laboratory.

Do I have to fill out the consent for the examination again since I am a repeat participant?
Consent must be completed for each new/next examination.

Consent for examination shall be completed each time.