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Examination of Lech Poznań’s footballers in Rehasport Clinic

gergoThe FMS testing and Biomechanical Functional Assessment – these tasks awaited the players of Lech Poznań during a traditional examination, which they undergo in Rehasport Clinic before the beginning of the preparations for each round.

Lech Poznań’s players undergo similar examination before the start of the proper physical preparations for each round – thus, usually at the beginning of January and in the second half of June. On Wednesday, 20 “Kolejorz” players turned up in Rehasport Clinic, while some of the players who were injured or still on vacation will undergo them later. What is more, also the assistants of coach Maciej Skorża – Tomasz Rząsa, Dariusz Żuraw and Andrzej Kryształowicz – showed up in the clinic.
First, the footballers performed the FMS tests, i.e. they underwent an assessment of the basic movement patterns. – In this way, we check the overall mobility and stability of almost every joint, which allows us to examine their motor skills – says Rehasport Clinic’s physiotherapist, Piotr Kaczmarek, who “stippled” the players. In the main room, each Lech’s player underwent the latter part of the Biomechanical Functional Assessment examination. – On a dynamometric platform we check the load exerted on both lower limbs to see whether it is symmetrical or asymmetrical. On the other hand, the DELOS evaluation system allows the postural control, so that we are able to see in what way a person is able to keep one’s balance, what one makes use of: is it vision or stimuli coming from the joints, which should be a preferred option – explains Piotr Kaczmarek. The last part is most exhausting for footballers – it is the examination of strength and stamina with the use of the Biodex system. – We compare the left side with the right side, as well as the ischio-crural muscle group with the quadricepses. We check whether the proportion is right because, in the case of disorder, a sportsperson has bigger predispositions to injuries – explains the physiotherapist.