Jagoda Furmanek

Jagoda FurmanekA graduate of master’s studies in the field – Physiotherapy – at Vincent Pol University in Lublin.
A graduate of TWP Medical School in Lublin in the field – massage therapist.

Courses and trainings:
– Kinesiotaping – basic course;
– Functional massage, cross-fiber massage and other massage techniques adopted in physiotherapy;
– Shantal massage course;
– Neurodevelopmental evaluation of a child and examples of physiotherapeutic conduct;
– PNF – basic course, pediatric module;
– Physical Recreation Instructor – Pilaste spec.;
– Scoliosis – diagnostics and physiotherapy;
– Multidimensional Manual Therapy of Child’s Feet;
– Soft tissue therapy in pediatrics course;
– DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization) – basic course;

Work experience:
– Rehasport Clinic in Gdańsk
– Poradnia PEGAZ w Gdańsku;
– Centrum Medyczne Alergopneuma w Lublinie;
– Poradnia Psychologiczno – Pedagogiczna TWP w Lublinie;