Joanna Chacińska

Joanna ChacińskaMaster of physiotherapy at Medical University of Warsaw

Joanna Chacińska graduated from Medical University of Warsaw in the field of physiotherapy. She cooperated among others with Carolina Medical Center and Sant’Andrea Ospedale a Roma hospital from Italy. At present she is a Rehasport Clinic physiotherapist in Warsaw.

Joanna Chacińska has raised her qualifications by completing various courses and trainings, for instance:
– OWS, UWS, OEX, UEX Kaltenborn’s and Evjenth’s concept
– Kinetic Control – thoracic spine
– Muscle energy techniques
– Advanced PNF (Reha +) ended with an examination and a title of certified PNF therapist
– Modern motor training in team games
– Mulligan Concept A
– Kinesiology Taping
– The S-E-T Concept