Lukasz Szczesny


A graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Poznan.

Courses and training:

  • Modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue;
  • Stability for performance;
  • Deep Massage;
  • Theraband. Proprioception exercises;
  • Manual Therapy: Maitland Method 2a;
  • Modern Methods of Diagnosis and Treatment of Soft Tissue;
  • Diagnosis and therapy of the pelvis;
  • Stability Performance;
  • The modern concept of central stabilization and the lumbo-pelvic area;
  • Stabilization of the peripheral joints
  • Modern motor training in team games
  • Functional Screening Movement and Evaluation.
  • Deep Massage
  • Kinesio Taping
  • Thera-Band exercises
  • Classic Massage

Work Experience:

  • Lech Poznań
  • Rehasport Clinic

I have taken care of:

  • The Senior National Women Swords Team;
  • Fencers.