MA Dominik Tokarski

A graduate of Physiotherapy at Poznań University of Medical Sciences

Courses and trainings
– Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)
– Introductory Lower Limb Biomechanics Workshop
– Structural Osteopathy and Soft Chiropractic, PhD Ackermann’s method
– Manual Lymphatic Drainage „Edema Therapy Concept”
– Muscle Energy Techniques

Work-related interests
– physiotherapy after orthopedic treatments

– ergonomics

Work experience
– Rehasport Clinic
–OTIMEDICA Medical Center
– NZOZ „Medyk”
– Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin, Abteilung für Physikalische Therapie und Rehabilitation
– Centrum Medycyny Wielospecjalistycznej, Centrum Diagnostyczno – Terapeutyczne „Medyk Poliklinika”
– Rehab Zentrum Stadlau Physikalisches Institut, Vienna

Sportspersons he cooperated with
Tarnovia Tarnowo Podgórne