MA Elżbieta Sawicka – Garbarek


Elżbieta Sawicka-Garbarek graduated from psychology at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań with distinction as well as post-graduate studies in University of Social Sciences and Humanities. She is a member of Psychology Team under Medical Commission of Polish Olympic Committee and a II degree Biofeedback therapist.

Children and youngsters:
Elżbieta Sawicka-Garbarek is experienced in the field of child and school youth therapy and diagnostics, particularly the ones with learning difficulties. She participated in numerous courses and trainings related to neurotherapy, modern methods of diagnosing and treating learning difficulties, etc.

Her fields of interests are as follows:

  • Psychological examinations among children and youngsters,
  • Diagnosing learning difficulties and developmental difficulties among children and youngsters,
  • Diagnosing developmental potential in education and sport.

Sport psychology:
Elżbieta Sawicka-Garbarek, when working with sportspersons, uses modern solutions for the purposes of the following:

  • Analyzing concentration among sportspersons and concentration trainings adapter to rhythm and type of a specific sport discipline and individual needs,
  • Training related to dealing with stress,
  • Training related to adjusting excitement to needs specified by situation and nature of a specific discipline.

Professional carreer development:
Elżbieta Sawicka-Garbarek has a dozen-years’ business experience in HR management, sales and marketing as well as project management. She deals with widely understood communication in business, shaping career, achieving specific goals, effectiveness of actions and dealing with stress at work.

At work she shares her knowledge and experience as well as adopts modern technologies:

  • For the purposes of concentration training, which improves memory, productivity, effectiveness and organization of work, and thus facilitates success,
  • For the purposes of objective evaluation and reduction of stress.