MA Magdalena Paszko

Magdalena PaszkoA graduate of Physiotherapy at Medical University of Gdańsk

Bachelor’s degree program – Medical University of Gdańsk
Master’s degree program – Medical University of Gdańsk

Courses and trainings:
– Examination and functional physiotherapy in shoulder injuries
– Manual therapy by Kaltenborn and Evjenth’s concept (ongoing)
– PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) – certified therapist
– KinesioTaping KT1/KT2 (basic and advanced levels)
– Physical activity of pregnant women
– Physical activity of women who have given birth
– Pregnant women massage

Additional skills:
– Fitness instructor basic
–  French Delf B1 examination – passed

Work experience:
– Zakład Rehabilitacji Copernicus
– Rehasport Clinic

– Sport aerobic, snowboard