MA Małgorzata Skoczyńska

  • Educator
  • Pre-school group developmental therapist and tutor
  • Certified EEG Biofeedback trainer
  • Certified cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist for disorders among adults
  • Certified developmental diagnostician

Children and youngsters


  • Specializing in psychological, psychomotor and educational development of a child
  • Evaluates if the child and youngster develops properly
  • Diagnoses causes of learning difficulties and developmental difficulties among children and youngsters
  • Conducts therapies for children and youngsters with developmental dysfunctions (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, concentration difficulties, memory and logical thinking issues)
  • Works with parents in the field of providing a child with optimal growth conditions

Loss, change, trauma
The therapist helps people:

  • Restore balance after difficult and traumatic life situations
  • Explain relations between causes and effects, and life situations and emotions and behaviors
  • Adapt to new life conditions
  • Rebuild self-esteem and belief in one’s abilities
  • In their work on personal development by diagnosis and experience
  • Find motivation to improve oneself

Pain therapy
The therapist teaches how to:

  • Reduce pain-related stress and therefore pain itself,
  • Find and be aware of areas of health, skill, independence,
  • Search the best methods of dealing with pain,
  • Acquire a skill to take optimal decisions and actions which lead to recovery.

The studies on effectiveness of short-term chronic pain cognitive-behavioral therapy indicate a significant reduction of pain intensity, improvement of functions of the organ attacked and limitation of depression among the patients.

EEG Biofeedback – memory and concentration training
The therapist helps:

  • All those who wish to work faster and more efficiently, have better memory and achieve success in their fields
  • Children: depending on particular needs, training can be related to visual and auditory perception trainings, operating memory, visual and auditory memory
  • Adults who experienced accidents, craniocerebral injuries, strokes – depending on particular needs, trainings may be combined with elements of trauma therapy, pain therapy, relaxation
  • Sportspersons in order to practice concentration to the extent and in a way which guarantees optimal results in their discipline