Malgorzata Wisterowicz-Grzywacz


A physical recreation graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Gdansk. She specializes in kinesigerontoprophylaxis. She has participated in numerous courses such as even Coach International, Nordic Walking Association; Nike Advanced Cardio, Nike Advanced Sculpt, Aqua, Body -ball, Plus 50, Pilates, Body Art Małgorzata Wisterowicz – Grzywacz is the author and co-producer of health programs for the city of Pomorze, Poland’s first Comprehensive Health Program of Sopot. She is the organizer of a number of events promoting active recreation, increased physical activity and promoting healthy lifestyles. She has extensive knowledge of motor functions of the body, contraindications and indications for making certain forms of movement, and extensive practical skills for optimal selection of appropriate forms and types of exercises and exercise loads. A friendly, sensitive, compassionate and enthusiastic person promoting optimism.