MD Marta Krzyszczuk

(Poznan, Warsaw)

Orthopedics (Warsaw)

Doctor Marta Krzyszczuk specializes in motor organ orthopedics and traumatology, knee arthroscopy, ankle joint arthroscopy, as well as foot and ankle joint corrective surgeries and lower limb soft tissue treatments. Her work-related interests involve surgical and non-surgical treatment of overuse syndromes and professional and amateur sport injuries, as well as foot and ankle joint surgery, knee surgery, and hip disorders.

Education and work experience

Doctor Marta Krzyszczuk graduated from I Medical Faculty of Poznań University of Medical Sciences. After had she graduated from the university, she had an individual medical practice and cooperated with General Orthopedics, Oncologic Orthopedics and Traumatology of Wiktor Dega Teaching Hospital in Poznań. She participated in numerous conferences dedicated to orthopedic issues in Poland and Austria. She was also a doctor of the Polish National Fencing Team and took care of Polish representatives during World Cup in China and Australia as well as during world championship in Catania, Italy.