MD Tomasz Szałaj

Diagnostic Imaging, Radiology

A graduate of Medical University of Bialystok

Doc. Tomasz Szałaj is a medical specialist – radiologist. He is a member of the Polish Medical Society for Radiology (PLTR), European Society for Radiology (ESR) and European Society for Musculoskeletal Radiology (ESSR). He is an author of numerous publications and lectures dedicated to his area of interest.

– MBA – Leon Koźmiński Academy of Entrepreneurship and Management
– Medical doctor – Medical Academy

Work experience:
– Gruca SPSK Center of Postgraduate Medical Education in Otwock (Orthopedic and Trauma Teaching Hospital) – Diagnostic Imaging Department
– BLUE5 Tomasz Szałaj
– Private Cardiological Office PhD MD J.Cygler
– Center of Postgraduate Medical Education PSK no. 1
–  Medical Professional College

Certificates and trainings:
– Ultrasound Course of the European Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology – lower limb ; 2016
– Ultrasound Course of the European Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology – upper limb ; 2015
– Musculoskeletal Cross-Sectional Imaging – ESOR Galen Advanced Course-2014
– Peripheral joint MRI– CEDUS, 2014
– Upper limb ultrasound diagnostics with MR – Collegium Medicum UJ, CMKP, 2014
– Shoulder girdle ultrasound scanning -PTU 588/41, 2014
– Knee joint ultrasound scanning -PTU 611/37, 2014
– Elbow joint, wrist and hand ultrasound scanning -PTU 577/38, 2014
– Skills certificate related to ultrasound scanning general diagnostics – Accreditation of the Polish Medical Society of Radiology – 8.12.2013
– Ultrasound scanning accreditation course – ultrasound scanning general diagnostics – CMKP 5-726/0-00-223-2013
– Ankle and foot joint ultrasound scanning –PTU 531/20, 2013
– Musculoskeletal system in sport medicine – PLTR, 2013
– Imaging Diagnostics in musculoskeletal system part 1 and 2 – PLTR 2013
– Motor organs ultrasound scanning with elements of rheumatologic diagnostics – PTU 483/46
– Peripheral nerves ultrasound scanning – Collegium Medicum UJ , CMKP-5-726/0-00-209, 2012
– Abdominal cavity organs, nipple, thyroid ultrasound scanning – PTU 473/53, 2012
– Doppler echocardiography– CMKP-5-726-06-210; 5-726/0-00-208;2012
– Blood vessel Doppler echocardiography PTU-504/40, 2012
– Pediatric ultrasound scanning USG – CMKP-5-726/1-04-211, 2012
– Selected issues of X-ray diagnostics CMKP 1-726/1-02-002-2012
– Comprehensive diagnostics of nipple diseases: mammography, sonomammography, cytology – CMKP 9554-16-I, 2015
– Ultrasound diagnostics basics CMKP_9554-7-I
– Breakthrough – the revolutionary change in healthcare – European Society for Quality in Healthcare
– Soft factors– profitable relations, cooperation, coaching – Chiltern Consultancy International / Jacek Santorski
– Public Procurements in Healthcare Centers – Collegium
– Medicum UJ and UZP

Scientific contribution:
– Lecture entitled „Ankle joint impaction and cartilage injuries – cooperation of a radiologist and orthopedist”;

International Orthopedic and Radiological Conference, Progress in orthopedic treatment and imaging, Prof. A.Greenspan, Medipage, Warszawa, 2016
– Lecture entitled „Wrist. Radiological main anatomy. ArtroMR -The most frequent pathologies – “International Shoulder Elbow Wrist Conference” Józefów 2015r.
– Participation in the scientific edition of “Musculoskeletal system imaging diagnostics – non-injury diseases” Manaster Medipage 2016
– Participation in the scientific edition of “Musculoskeletal system imaging diagnostics – injuries” Sonin, Manaster Medipage 2013
– Projection of ankle joint –technical note, Orthop. Motor Organ Surg. Pol. 2016, 81(2)
– Kienböck’s disease in relation to damage to scapholunate ligament as a result of the injury – case study; Pol J Radiol 2014,79