MD Witold Lubiatowski


Witold Lubiatowski OrtopedaMD Witold Lubiatowski is a specialist in the field of motor organ orthopedics and traumatology. He deals with treating lower and upper limb injuries and fractures as well as joint degenerative diseases and changes. His special interest is knee endoprosthetics.

Since he started working as a professional, he has been an assistant in the motor organ orthopedics and traumatology unit in Konin where he is responsible for emergency and scheduled treatment of motor organ injuries as well as motor organ diseases, particularly knee endoprosthetics in degenerative changes.

Range of therapies:
– Lower and upper limb fractures and injuries – surgical and conservative treatment.
– Motor organ disease treatment – degenerative changes, neuropathies.
– Spine and joint pain treatment.
– Median and ulnar nerve neuropathy treatment.
– Knee and hip joint endoprosthetics.

As part of his education, he participated in numerous foreign and domestic courses and trainings. Min Courses AO basic and advanced, AO hand surgery, traumatology courses among others in Austria, the Czech Republic, Greece and the Netherlands. Endoprosthetics courses in Portugal, Germany and many courses in our country. He is a member of the Polish Society for Orthopedics and Traumatology.