MS Paulina Jurga

Paulina JurgaSport psychology, Clinical psychology, Mental training, Coaching

As a psychologist, Paulina Jurga – Huebner operates in the field of clinical psychology, sport psychology and coaching. She graduated from the University of Łódź, University of Social Sciences and Humanities and University of Physical Education in Warsaw.


Clinical psychology – diagnosing psychosomatic disorders, neuropsychological diagnosis and rehabilitation, providing support to patients and families in chronic diseases, support in the pre- and post-surgical process based on mental function rehabilitation.

Sport psychology/mental training – making sure players and trainers acquire skills and abilities which foster performance of a task and are able to achieve a specific goal in sport.

Mental training as a key to success:

  • Setting goals,
  • Gaining concentration skills,
  • Developing self-confidence,
  • Shaping emotion control skills,
  • Dealing with stress,
  • Acquiring visualization skills,
  • Keeping commitment/motivation in actions,
  • Mental functions rehabilitation after sport injuries – return to sport,
  • Support in difficult situations,
  • Relaxation,
  • Trainings intended for trainers,
  • Psychological tests (analysis and interpretation).

Coaching life – focus on personal goals, growth of quality of life by solving problems and increasing client’s competence.
Coaching sport – supporting mental potential among physically active persons who aim to achieve their goals and wish to improve their functions in general

Psychological support in difficult life situations:

  • Inability to establish and maintain relations,
  • Inability to deal with stress and control emotions,
  • Difficulties at work and in private life,
  • Phobia, depression, neurosis as a consequence of critical life situations (loss, breakdown, mourning)


  • Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospital of the University of Medical Sciences
  • Multispecialty Municipal Hospital in Poznań
  • Athletic Championship School no. 2
  • KKS Lech Poznań- a I team psychologist
  • Mental coach, creator of a program related to sport psychology of Lech Poznań Football Academy
  • Rehasport Clinic – hospital psychologist, individual consultancies
  • Trainings for coaches, teams, scouting departments and managers in sport clubs
  • Cooperation with players, coaches and clubs (football, handball, basketball, golf, tennis, combat sports, motor sports, sailing, horse-riding)