France – the world champion, Poland with the President’s Cup

Reprezentacja Polski w piłce ręcznejThe world handball championship has ended! Gold medals were granted to the French, Norwegians won silver medals, while Slovenes – bronze. The Polish national team, mainly composed of substitute players, came 17th in the tournament. Now our players are taking three months off and the injured are recovering after surgeries carried out by Rehasport Clinic specialists. 

PhD Jakub Naczk, from Rehasport Clinic, was the Polish national team doctor during preparations and the very the championship in France. Sadly, before the first training camp Michał Jurecki and Michał Szyba got injured whereas Kamil Syprzak and Piotr Wyszomirski came to the training injured. The medical checkup and examinations were performed in Rehasport Clinic by the team’s doctor – PhD Tomasz Owczarski. On top of all that, during the last friendly match before the championship Mariusz Jurkiewciz, a Polish national team captain, sustained a serious shoulder injury. Similar to Jurkiewicz, Wyszomirski had to undergo a surgery in Rehasport Clinic.

Tałant Dujszebajew’s team were not lucky in France as their group was strong. As it turned out later, the finalists of this group made it to another round. The Poles were defeated by France 25:26 (the lowest victory of the world champions in the tournament!), and by Norway 20:22. Polish players proved to be weaker that Russians, with a score 20:24 while Brazilians scored four goals more to win 24:28. However, we managed to defeat Japan 26:25, thanks to which we came fifth in the group A. Further in the tournament our team contended for places from 17 to 20, that is the so-called President’s Cup. At this stage we defeated Tunisia 28:26, and then Argentina 24:22 although 11 minutes before the end of the match the score was 17:22. Eventually the Polish national team came 17th.

France won the world champion title after they had defeated Norway 33:26 in the final match. Bronze medals were granted to Slovenians who, similar to Poles against Argentina, changed the score when playing against Croatia. They defeated their country neighbor 31:30.

Now Polish handball players are coming back to their clubs and they are awaiting another national matches to be held at the beginning of May – these are two key matches in the European Championship eliminations 2018.

Rehasport Clinic is an official medical partner of the Polish Handball Federation.

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