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A great success of dr Przemysław Lubiatowski

For the first time in history a Pole has become a member of the Executive Committee of the European Society for Surgery of the Shoulder and the Elbow. The honoured person was dr hab. Przemysław Lubiatowski from Rehasport Clinic.

Dr hab. Przemysław Lubiatowski was appointed the Chairman of the Eastern European Support Committee of the European Society for Surgery of the Shoulder and the Elbow (SECEC) during the recently closed Society’s 25th Congress in Istanbul. Until now dr Lubiatowski was a member of the Committee but this time he has replaced Mehmet Demirhan from Turkey as its Chairman, which has automatically given him a membership in the Executive Committee of the whole Society. It is the first such case in the history of Polish surgery of the shoulder and the elbow. The make-up of the new Executive Committee is proposed by the previous one and the general meeting of the members approves or rejects it. In general, the term in office spans two years, but it may be prolonged. – My task will be to coordinate the actions of the whole Eastern European Support Committee in order to promote the idea of surgery of the shoulder and the elbow in this region. For the time being, Turkey, Croatia and Poland are developing the most towards this direction, but several other countries are following them. It is gratifying that we have become recognised because we have done a great deal of work. For the present, the Polish Society counts 16 members, the same number as, for example, Turkey, a significantly bigger country with greater achievements – believes dr hab. Przemysław Lubiatowski.

The SECEC meetings are held annually – the 2015 event is planned to take place in Milan, and the year later the specialists in surgery of the upper limb are invited to South Korea for a triennial world congress. – I strived to organise the 2017 congress in Poland, but we lost to Berlin. We will try again in the future because it is really worth it. We organise various courses which are receiving good reviews. Poland has already become recognised. I am often invited to national congresses in different countries. In Rehasport we also work hard, as we organise up to even 15 courses a year for doctors from Poland and other countries – says dr hab. Przemysław Lubiatowski.