See a story of Krzysztof and help him recover

It was just a moment. The moment that caused suffering and many problems for a dozen years of life. Thanks to Rehasport Clinic Foundation and help of many kind people, Mr. Krzysztof Paradowski’s health may soon be just like any other person’s.

At the age of 24 Krzysztof Paradowski had a car accident as a result of which he broke a leg (a thighbone). His future plans changed completely in just a moment. In effect of this injury one leg is shorter and knee aches terribly. The pain is so acute that Krzysztof cannot walk a few hundred meters. Mr. Paradowski dreams about a normal life he used to have before the accident. He would love to go for a walk with his wife and a 13-year-old daughter and enjoy family cycling. It is a terrible tragedy when a father cannot satisfy wife’s and daughter’s expectations. However there is an opportunity to change everything for good. Krzysztof Paradowski is awaiting a surgery which will be performed on the basis of the innovative method by PhD MD Jarosław Michał Deszczyński. The surgery is intended to lengthen the bone and straighten the curved leg. To make it happen, funds must be collected. Everyone can help him by depositing a sum to the following bank account:

Bank account number: 54 2490 0005 0000 4600 4351 1132

Fundacja Rehasport Clinic
ul. Górecka 30
60-201 Poznań

Title: For treatment – Krzysztof Paradowski

Foundation’s KRS: 0000410877

Rehasport Clinic Sp. z o. o. hereby waives a right to remuneration for the surgery. All funds collected will be dedicated to implants required for the surgery.