How to eat properly during Christmas?

Chrismtas-how-to-eatDuring Christmas we are all likely to put on weight. What to do to take the most of the quality time with family and friends?

First of all it is essential that you keep eating meals regularly – you must remember to have breakfast and eat the last meal of the day 3 hours before you go to sleep. If you feel like going to the Midnight Mass at 10pm or midnight, you should resign from any food after the event and have a cup of hot tea only.

Secondly, eat and drink in moderation. If you fancy cakes, it is advisable to choose a different piece of cakes everyday. Those who opt for herrings, fish and dumplings should cover their plate only – nothing more. It is essential that you start Christmas supper from a soup, for instance mushroom soup, fish soup or beetroot soup, and wait about 15 minutes for the main course. When you put Christmas food on your plate, make sure that vegetables account for 50% of the meal, such as beetroots, cabbage or beans. The remaining part can be other products/meals/goodies.

There is another important advice in the process of fighting for proper weight during Christmas – never snack between meals, avoid second helpings and eat slowly.

Which products to choose?
– choose roasted fish instead of fried
– choose 2 mandarins instead of a handful of peanuts
– choose natural yoghurt for your salad instead of mayonnaise
– choose boiled dumplings rather than fried

Anna-Maria Borucka, Rehasport Clinic dietician