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IRONS quarterly as a mutual work of Rehasport Clinic Foundation and Polish Academy of Science!

IMG_2935Rehasport Clinic Foundation and Department of Polish Academy of Science will co-publish the international IRONS quarterly – the source of scientific knowledge in the field of medicine.

The agreement was officially signed in the head office of Polish Academy of Science. On behalf of Polish Academy of Science the agreement was signed by dr hab. Inż. Roman Słowiński, the president of the Department of Polish Academy of Science (O/PAN) in Poznań, and Prof. dr hab. n. med. Aleksander Kabsch, the honorary Chairman of the Rehabilitation and Social Integration Commission of O/PAN, and the event was attended by mgr Ewa Senkus, the head of O/PAN. When signing the agreement, Rehasport Clinic Foundation was represented by Beata Lubiatowska, the president of the foundation, and dr hab. n. med. Przemysław Lubiatowski, the vice president. Prof. Dr hab. Juliusz Huber is the editor-in-chief of the journal. The agreement has been concluded for an indefinite period of time.

IRONS quarterly is a source of scientific knowledge in the field of medicine both for experienced and young scientists, and also supports orthopedics, rehabilitation and sport medicine. The journal is indexed in the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (6 points), as well as by Index Copernicus (ICV 6,21).

The fact that the agreement was signed for an indefinite period of time suggests mutual trust of PAN, that is the temple of Polish science and Rehasport Clinic Foundation, the expert in the field of treating motor organs and sport tests. This also means that these two units are able to create a unique scientific journal that combines related fields of science. The agreement allows further work, and IRON journal is gradually entering the international market. Now we can fully achieve our ambitions.

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