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IX Poznański Międzynarodowy Kurs Chirurgii Kończyny Górnej odbył się w Poznaniu!

IMG_5628IX Poznań International Upper Limb Surgery Course and I Polish Society of Shoulder and Elbow Reunion, held in Poznań, succeeded. A team of doctors and physiotherapists from PUMS Hand Surgery Clinic in Poznań and Rehasport Clinic actively participated in these events. 

The course and reunion were attended by over three hundred people, which was a record turnout. The participants praised a perfect organization and high educational standards. The organizing committee was hosted by : PhD Przemysław Lubiatowski and Prof. Leszek Romanowski. The program was supervised by PhD Joanna Wałecka, while workshops by PhD Piotr Ogrodowicz and PhD Marek Stawniak. PhD Ewa Bręborowicz and MA Piotr Kaczmarek were responsible for a symposium intended for physiotherapists.

Lecturers from all over Europe and members of the organizing committee were invited to give speeches on advanced shoulder and elbow surgeries and on a collective approach to rehabilitation of various diseases. The works presented by the team of PUMS Hand Surgery Clinic and Rehasport Clinic were awarded and distinguished. (

Most speeches were published in the form of articles in the quarterly magazine IRONS which is prepared thanks to Rehasport Clinic specialists. It was possible to get three issues of this magazine at a special stall.

Aside from the Course, cadaver workshops were carried out. During the workshops doctors from the Hand Surgery Clinic and Rehasport Clinic trained participants with regard to upper limb surgery. During PSSE reunion, a group of members of this society was extended to include 43 persons in total, and Prof. Leszek Romanowski from Poznań became its honorary member. Among others PhD Przemysław Lubiatowski and PhD Joanna Wałecka from Rehasport Clinic entered the management board.