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Jarosław Hampel underwent an operation in Rehasport Clinic

AO5Q8581Jarosław Hampel, one of the best Polish speedway riders, underwent a complicated shunting operation of a diaphyseal femur compound fracture in Rehasport Clinic’s Hospital.

A 33-year-old two-time individual world vice-champion experienced an injury during Saturday’s semi-final of the World Team Cup, taking place in Gniezno. The injury turned out to be serious and on Monday, the leader of Falubaz Zielona Góra was transported to Poznań. The next day, Wojciech Słowiński, MD, PhD performed a complicated shunting operation of a diaphyseal femur compound fracture, which lasted five hours. – It was a very serious fracture, but it was stabilised with an intramedullary nail – says dr Słowiński.

The main aim of the treatment now is bone consolidation, though it is difficult to state when this will happen. The patient is staying in the hospital until the end of the week, whereas already on Wednesday he will begin rehabilitation. It is going to be a long process and for the present moment it is impossible to determine the date in which Jarosław Hampel will be able to return on the speedway track.

 (fot. Mariusz Cwojda)