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Kamil Grosicki leaves Rehasport Clinic

reha2Kamil Grosicki finished the first stage of his rehabilitation after an arm operation, which was performed in November in Rehasport Clinic by dr hab. Przemysław Lubiatowski. After several weeks of working with our physiotherapist, Łukasz Jaworski, the Poland national football team’s member has to return to his club in France. – Each day I’m getting better, but in the beginning I didn’t know that it will require such a hard work. I wasn’t aware how much effort you need, how much pain it costs to bring the arm to a better state… In Rehasport I am under a wonderful care, the doctors check me almost every day, I was assigned to a good physiotherapist, and everything is moving forward. The only problem is that my club wants me to return to France on December 29 and continue my rehabilitation there. The doctors suggested me to finish it here, but the club has a different opinion. So I will go there and talk to them – admits Stade Rennais’s player, who would like to stay in Poland for two or three more weeks to return to fitness.

Grosicki is aware that for the present moment he cannot train with the ball anyway. – Before that, I have to achieve the full range of the limb’s flexion and extension. This may probably happen around the second half of January, it is rather impossible to achieve it earlier. I don’t know the exact date, but I see how much is still to be done – he says. The winger of the Poland national team is convinced, though, that at the end of March he will be able to make an appearance in Dublin in the crucial EURO 2016 qualifier against Ireland.